Cozy Autumn Tea - flavors of fall fruits with cinnamon and vanilla September 03 2020, 0 Comments

Enjoy the warm flavors of fall in Cozy Autumn Tea - a warm black tea blend with fruits of the season, vanilla and cinnamon.  Warm up.  Enjoy!


Find us in stores - Updated!! August 13 2020, 0 Comments

Stores have been updated on Retail Page.  As you travel across Maine - stop in at over 25 retail stores to get a cup of Tempest tea - and buy Tempest Tea Blends.

Backyard Blackberry Tea - Maine August 11 2020, 0 Comments

Ready!  Maine Backyard Blackberry Tea!  A bold black morning tea with hints of blackberries.  So perfect!!  Thank you Farmer Bob for the 2020 crop of blackberries.  They are amazing!!  We are drying the blackberries now.  They are so precious.  Love Maine Blackberries.

Peachy Keen Tea - Maine peaches and raspberries August 02 2020, 0 Comments

This is the perfect summer tea - Maine peaches and raspberries.  This is all about Maine summer.  Perfect Iced or Hot.  Enjoy!  

Bold Black Morning Tea July 30 2020, 0 Comments

Tradesman Tea is a bold black morning tea.  Full Body.  Loose tea - use 1 tsp of a smooth cup and 2 tsp for a bolder taste.  Either way this tea will get you up and going!!!  

Busy Shipping Daily July 16 2020, 0 Comments

Shipping Daily

Happy Spring - The Iced Teas are ready! July 10 2020, 0 Comments

Hello friends!  Yes the iced teas are ready for 2020.  This year we are offering three blends in the iced tea sachets - for easy steeping - Backyard Blackberry, Rosie Hibiscus and Mint to Be.  Enjoy!  And thank you for your ongoing support - you are the best!!

Iced Tea is ready! Maine Backyard Blackberry, July 09 2020, 0 Comments

Three Iced Teas are ready - each bag has four sachets.  Each sachet makes 1 gallon of Iced Tea.  So refreshing for the summer!!  Enjoy!



Message from Farmer Bob May 12 2020, 0 Comments

Farmer Bob sent along two pictures to get us Spring thinking - One of our raspberry canes with one new little shoot popping out of the ground and a blackberry bud about to open. Love our Maine Farmers. These fruits will make great tea.


Rosie Iced Tea Bags are ready. Spring is coming. May 12 2020, 0 Comments