Peachy Keen Tea October 13 2017, 0 Comments

 The crisp peaches and sweet raspberries are dried and blended with bold black tea leaves and ready for shipping – Peachy Keen Tea. A customer’s voice, “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this tea! This is so beautiful and delicate. I like making Sun tea with it and mixing it with Peach Schnapps."


We love finding precious local farmers to supply our fragrant produce. This year, we met Farmer Bob from Dresden, who we knew from our first meeting that he would supplies all our raspberries.  


Farmer Bob was first introduced to organic gardening through his parents in the early 50’s. He started his own farm in Massachusetts in the 60’s and moved to Maine in the 70’s continuing his organic gardening.


The raspberry bushes were not discovered on his farm until he moved his gardens from one side of the road to the other – 20 years later – hidden under brush! He and his wife, Sally, built their own home, still heat with wood and grow most of their food.


 Someone likes to eat fresh raspberries off his fingers!! The tea is available until this year’s bounty is gone. You can purchase on line at or in some of the Stonington and Blue Hill locations and October, 15th at the Maine Cheese Festival at Savage Oakes Vineyard.  

Sisters, Rebecca Emerson and Tammy Smith Blake