Cozy Autumn Tea October 20 2017, 0 Comments

We are warming up with the flavors of fall - Cozy Autumn Tea.  A black tea with fall fruits (apples and cranberries – both grown in Maine) and cinnamon definitely warm us up. The voice of the customer, “I just love this tea. It smells amazing and tastes just wonderful! I like to leave my teapot open to let the smells fill my house up.”   Cozy Autumn Tea can be made steeping hot with honey or served over ice without any sweetener needed. 


A few weeks ago, Becca, Joe and Ashly went to Wright’s Orchard in Bucksport, Maine, to pick the apples for the Cozy Autumn Tea blend. The apples have been cleaned, cut and dried last week in Stonington, Maine.


For the third year, our cranberries are grown in Lincolnville, Maine by Fred and Margo Moody of Moody Cranberry Bog. The cranberries are dry-harvested, making them perfect to go from field to drier – holding all the aromas to be released in the steeping process. They arrive in the blending house red, plump and in boxes – ready for the drying process to begin.


The cranberries are so beautiful, Tammy always takes a cup of the fruit out to make a batch of fruit nut muffins!  

The tea is available as our fall season tea and will be sold until this year’s bounty is gone. You can purchase

on line at or in some of the Stonington and Blue Hill locations. Enjoy!

Sisters, Rebecca Emerson and Tammy Smith Blake