Ice Tea Adventure! April 29 2015, 1 Comment

It all started a year ago in a few antique / thrift shops with my good friend Dotti, the Goodwill and the Salvation Army. I fell in love with ceramic water pitchers. I kept purchasing them each time I found a new one. All colors and sizes – I bought a short white one, a fourteen inch tall hunter green one that was painted yellow inside (odd!) and a short plump navy blue one (LOVE!). Maybe it was the universe getting me ready for what was to come…my sister, Becca, and I purchasing a tea blending house. 

At first, I put the pitchers up in the cupboard. Nope, not good enough, I had to see them. They make my heart sing – they can’t be hidden. I pulled them all back out and displayed them around my kitchen on the shelves and others holding my wooden spoons and utensils.

Our first endeavor owning Tempest in a Teapot – testing iced tea blends. How much tea to a bag? How long too steep before the tea turns bitter?   I researched on line. Tannins are released in the process of steeping tea – and if over steeped too many tannins are released and cause the bitterness in tea. A lot of the Southern Ice Tea recipes call for ½ teaspoon of baking soda to take out any bitterness brewing ice tea. It works! 

I prepared two test batches of iced tea Mint to Be green tea and Gentleman’s black tea. I put ¼ cup of tea into each bag and tied them off. I decided on the perfect ceramic pitchers for the occasion – The little short plump navy blue one and the taller green with yellow lining. I filled my beautiful pitchers with the tea and boiling water. I steeped them for nine minutes and took the bags out. In the fridge they went overnight. I woke up three times in the night, I was so excited! 

Sunday morning, I opened the fridge with such anticipation!! The Mint to Be looked great in color (clear and light green) and in taste (soft and refreshing). A successful test. 

The Gentleman’s…….the Gentleman’s…..where the heck was the Gentleman’s tea? The pitcher was empty. Not a single drop. I stood there for a few minutes. Who drank the tea? I have children and grandchildren that are in and out of the house. Where was the tea? 

There is my beautiful golden in color tea – my Gentleman’s tea – all over my fruits and vegetables – the beautiful golden liquid is still dripping down to the bottom of the fridge and down under the fridge on the floor. My little beautiful favorite blue ceramic pitcher had a leak in the bottom. I did for a minute think of licking it up!! I still love my navy picture – but it is back to holding wooden spoons.   Tammy Smith.