Can you teach an old dog (me) a new trick? June 08 2016, 1 Comment

I went to the doctors the other day for a routine physical and the ‘new’, younger than my son, doctor, right out of medical school, told me I needed to lose weight.  No kidding!  Did he think that I didn’t know that?  He used the word ‘obese’ – ouch!  I heard on the radio this morning that 40% of women and girls in America are….here is that word again…obese. 

 I have been struggling with my weight from age 10 on – and that’s a long time!!

 I have tried everything!  Obviously everything I have tried has not worked – for me – long term.  So I have to try something different – a change, a way of life, stepping into the unknown, trying a new way to live life.  Easy right?

 So as I was taking a few days to think about this and how I could change – my computer crashed.  When it came back up, I logged into my Pandora music it made me log in again.  I was thinking it was a Tempest email – so I logged in, changed the password – and it was a TOTALLY different playlist. 

I was too overwhelmed to figure out how to get my old list back.  You know – all my favorite music – Janis Joplin, Meatloaf, Piano Radio (when I am writing), Kari Jobe, etc…..instead I have Iron and Wine Radio, Aloe Blacc Radio, Bruno Mars.  What and who are they??  OMGOSH – way overwhelmed!!! 

I played Iron and Wine Radio – I fell in love at first song.  Then again at the second song!  I have played these stations for days.  Total change for me – and I love it!

Then it hit me!  If I am going to lose weight – I have to totally change.  I need to be completely adventurous – and totally try new things.

My lifelong friend Beth tried yoga this year.  Not because she always wanted to…but because of a foot injury.  She now LOVES it!  Who knew?

 As mothers, we expose our children to all kinds of different activities, until they find what they like – art, sports, music, writing, reading, theater, etc.  We are all different, with different gifts and different likes.

 As I was talking to a wonderful young man at Whole Foods Market in Portland a few weeks ago, he said he didn’t like tea.  I asked if he has tried black, green and herbals.  He said he didn’t know what kind he tried – but only tried one.

I was immediately sad.  He didn’t know that a tea drinker doesn’t always drink all types of tea (black, green or herbals). 

 As a matter of fact, in my observation, of the many tea drinkers I have met over the last year – and we are talking hundreds – most of them drink only one kind of tea. 

 They either drink only black teas, or only green teas or only herbals because of taste preference. 

I believe our bodies gravitate to the teas for us, individually.  My sister Becca prefers the fruity teas – where I stay away from the fruity teas and drink mostly bold black teas and green teas.  It is our personal taste palate.

 What if this nice young man tried the wrong tea type for his taste preference?  He might never try tea again. 

 What if Tiger never tried golf?  What if Beth never tried yoga?  What if I never listened to Bruno Mars, ? 

 I told this young man to try again – try a variety of teas.  Try a bold black tea for breakfast with cream and sugar.  Try a green mint iced tea for lunch.  Try a warm lavender herbal tea in the evening with honey.  He might just get adventurous and try an earl grey or hibiscus rosehip!!  Goose Bumps!!

Summer 2016 – on an adventure to try new things!!  Can you teach this old dog new tricks – YES!