New Tea Lovers - black tea and hibiscus! May 10 2016, 0 Comments

New Tea Lovers - black tea

 My day started early – 4:00am.  I continue to tell myself that next time I will be more organized and have everything ready the day before – so I don’t have to get up so darn early – but here I am again at 4:00am getting ready for a day at Whole Foods Market in Portland Maine to showcasing our tea, Tempest in a Teapot. 

After letting out the dog, packing the tote with glass iced tea containers, ironing the table clothes (that I love by the way – even though they are really just lovely blue material that I have not sewn the edges around yet – another thing I said to myself that I would do before I tabled again!!), packed Pete’s (my husbands) lunch, let the dog back in, finished packing sample cups, mint, lemon, orange slices……on and on…..I am ready to go……4 hours later!

The last thing in the car is the tea for sampling.  I chose to serve iced tea today because the weather is warming up – well, if you call 45-50 degrees warm – I do in Maine – and maybe just the sight of iced tea will bring on spring! 

 Yesterday, I boiled water in two large pots to make the iced teas.   I put the loose leaf tea into a few large teabags to make it easy.  I chose a bright red tea (Rosie – hibiscus and rosehip) and a strong black tea (Tradesman) for showcasing.  After the tea steeped, I added sugar to the black tea to make a soft sweet tea – oh so smooth – and into the fridge they went for the night.


The tea is now snug in the back seat with the table and the fully packed tote.  We, my tea and I, are off for the 1.5 hour drive to Portland.  The drive up the coast of Maine is beautiful this morning.  The sun is rising, the ocean is on my left for the ride down, traffic is light and I listen to Bob and Sheri.  Those two crack me up!  I am singing and smiling. 

 I meet the most wonderful people today.  They are customers – but feel more like friends.  They loved the sweetened black tea.  I am so pleased.

 I met a mom and daughter that were delightful!  They had matching hair cuts – blonde bobs – so adorable.  I talked with a retired engineer that was now part of a mushroom organization.  We talked about chaga being a mushroom and how to harvest.  Becca and I have often thought about making a chocolate chaga tea – more to come on that topic!! 

 I also met the most precious older gentlemen that talk to me about coming from Ethiopia 26 years ago with his wife.  He was so proud of his six children – they were all grown now and all college grads with one being a doctor.  He talked about the beautiful life he had in Maine.  I couldn’t help smile as he discussed raising them.   He also liked the black tea – sweetened.

 The tea is selling wonderfully.  It was a great day for showcasing our beautiful teas.   We have new whole leaf tea lovers – this excites me!   

I end my day with a quick shopping trip around the Whole Foods Market – chicken, steak, apple tree, chocolate covered salted caramels (I say they are for my husband but I can’t wait to get in the car!!), oranges and a few selections of cheeses.

 Yup!  They were for me.  As I am coming home now, with the ocean on my right, music on the radio – I am eating a chocolate covered salted caramel.  Did I say one?